Alum Dilani Sacipradeeban uses skills developed throughout her MBA for professional and entrepreneurial growth

Dilani Sacipradeeban had three primary goals when entering the MBA program: to continue expanding the scope of her entrepreneurial opportunities, to have an advantage within a competitive job market, and to follow through with her academic plan, which includes obtaining a MBA, Ph.D. and Master of Laws (LLM). 

While searching for an MBA program, Dilani’s primary concern was flexibility, given her need to balance her career, entrepreneurial endeavours, family commitments, and other studies. The University of Fredericton checked this box through its numerous considerations for students’ busy schedules, including the ability to put their studies on hold.

On top of the flexibility offered at UFred, Dilani was impressed by the program’s affordability.

“I chose UFred for the flexibility as I needed to balance a career, business, family, and studies other than the MBA. The program was also cost effective, had great content compared to other online MBA’s, excellent faculty and had a flexible online platform to work on.”

Highlights of the UFred experience

For Dilani, the highlights of her experience were the quality of education she received and the program’s applicability. At UFred, professors bring an average of 11+ years of experience teaching higher education online to their courses, which was evident in Dilani’s experience. Despite the online environment, she found she could create lifelong connections with her professors and peers and found her professors to be “inspiring."

The MBA program has already positively impacted Dilani in several ways. By building her business skills, she found she had the confidence to apply for, and secure better roles, resulting in her obtaining a new position after completing her degree. She has also found that the skills acquired have helped her better run and organize her business, DP Legal Services.

Moving Forward: Goals and Advice to Future Students

Since completing her MBA, Dilani has taken on the role of Worker Advisor with the Ministry of Labour Training, Skills, and Development. As she moves forward, there are a few academic and professional goals Dilani has set for herself.

Academically, Dilani is working on her Bachelor of Laws at the University of London, which she aims to complete in the Winter of 2024. As a final academic goal, Dilani discussed the potential of completing a Ph.D. which she will revisit at a later date.

Professionally, Dilani is working towards becoming a practicing lawyer in Ontario, a goal she hopes to achieve after completing her Bachelor of Laws.

Dilani’s advice to future students revolves around a critical component of being successful in your MBA: time management.

“Have a strict time management routine and be proactive in completing assignments. I found you can complete them on time by attempting one or more assignments at the same time or by completing a section every day.”