UFred School of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

Employee protection

In 2022, employees missed 3.99 million days of work due to work-related incidents and diseases in British Colombia alone.

Career potential

Employers with 300 or more employees are required to establish a workplace health and safety committee - requiring OHS professionals.

Increased opportunities

14,800 new OHS positions are expected to open in Canada by 2031.

About the school

The UFred School of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) offers online Associate Degrees, Certificates, Diplomas and various course options. Our OHS programs are designed to train professionals in occupational health and safety best practices, help aspiring safety professionals make their first steps in the field, and open certification opportunities to experienced safety practitioners.

Learning an OHS program is a great path if you're looking to support your organization's safety protocols, help protect your fellow employees from injuries and risks, or if you've been injured yourself and are looking to re-skill before you re-join the workforce.

By investing in your education, and acquiring formal academic and professional credentials, you can make sure that you have a competitive advantage in a steadily growing professional field.

Looking to obtain the CRST or CRSP designation? Our Associate Degree in Occupational Health and Safety (AOHS) and Certificate in Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Systems (COHSES) cover the basic educational requirements for applying for these Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) credentials. Visit the respective program pages to learn more.

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Our educational vision

Personalized education

UFred is a leading educator of OHS professionals from all walks of life, across Canada.

Our occupational health and safety programs are led by a diverse team of experienced and distinguished safety experts with years of leading positions in various organizations.

Thanks to the wide variety of certifications and topics the School of OHS covers, you'll be learning in a way that's tailor-made to your experience level, skills and ambitions.

Flexible online learning

We believe that your road to developing your career should be as flexible and convenient as possible.

Choosing to pursue higher education is a commitment that takes time and money, so our focus is to help you reach your goals on your own terms.

Use our online-only model to combine your studies with other life commitments - work, family life, hobbies - without having to put anything on hold.

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