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Reimagining education

We are the University of Fredericton (UFred), Canada's leaders in flexible, personalized learning since 2005.

Our diverse range of business and occupational health & safety programs are offered completely online, since day one, with the goal of enabling learners from all walks of life to improve your careers through accessible education.

At UFred, we believe that your academic experience should match your needs, and not the other way around; that you don't have to put a stop on your career in order to take it to the next level; and that technology enables more opportunities for anyone who's willing to put in the hard work.

Our goal is to remove barriers and help you reach what your vision of success is. With close to 20 years of online education experience, we have proven methods to motivate, support and enable you to turn your ambitions into a reality, no matter the obstacles.

Guided by a highly experienced team of academics with a rich experience in both the private and academic spheres, and fully accredited by the province of New Brunswick, our programs provide diverse foundational and specialization educational streams for everyone from early career professionals to senior executives.

UFred offers a modern education model that puts you at the centre, regardless of your background or position, allowing you to study your way.

Our Vision

is to empower professionals globally to achieve their goals through accessible, flexible education.

Our Mission

is to provide the right tools for success to each student, so they can reach their full potential.

Our Approach

is to be student-centric, future-focused and practical above all else.

Our story

The University of Fredericton (UFred) is a private institution established in 2005 in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Convinced that fully online education is the way of the future, we've built an innovative academic experience that offers high-quality, affordable education for students from all across Canada and the world.

Our story is the story of our students' success. As we continue to grow and expand, both nationally and internationally, we want to help you write your own success story, too.

Online, on purpose

Why Online?

Because we can guarantee that our online students receive the same high-quality education, networking opportunities, and collaboration obtained from an on-campus program - with additional benefits.

You'll be able to interact with professors and peers on an ongoing basis: ask questions, participate in discussions and work collaboratively on study material, completely online. This allows you to build a network on a national level, and not just a local one.

No Residency Requirements

At UFred, we do not offer residency for our students. All courses are delivered completely online, making it easier for you to maintain your work and family commitments while continuing your education.

Study from anywhere with an internet connection, save time on commuting, and pay affordable fees thanks to a model that doesn't charge you for any physical amenities.

Virtual Classes or Independent Learning

We guarantee your learning experience will be a positive one. Our degree programs are fully accredited, and students in programs that include cohorts interact with professors and peers on an ongoing basis, in a weekly vClass (virtual classroom).

Other programs offer you the freedom to study on your own, at any time of day - but with a clear term schedule and feedback from instructors. This way, we can offer the right study format to your specific preferences.

Our leadership team

Don Roy, President

“The concept that you could actually get an equivalent degree and all the benefits … that you could get that without the disruption in your life, it was so appealing to me, and I thought, this absolutely has to happen.”

Dr. Sheri McKillop, VP of Academics

“I’ve always had a love for learning, but I quickly realized that my heart and soul was in business … there is business in everything, no matter what job you have.”

Trevor Pothier, VP of Operations

“I’m proud of the work we do as a team. The quality of that work is reflected in the experience of our students and the success they achieve as a result.”

Career Opportunities at UFred

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