MBA Alum Amanda Incognito utilizes acquired business skills with global teams

Amanda Incognito is a seasoned accounting professional who chose to pursue her MBA to broaden her business knowledge. With a background mainly in accounting, she was interested in challenging herself and developing skills outside of what she was familiar with to better support her team as the North American Sales Operations Specialist.

When looking for the right university at which to complete her MBA, Amanda found that the flexibility offered by the University of Fredericton’s (UFred) program was unbeatable. The fully online courses meant that she could seamlessly integrate her studies into her busy work schedule. This flexibility ensured that her work commitments were not compromised while pursuing her educational goals.

 Highlights of the UFred Experience and Program Applicability

UFred’s MBA program aims to prepare students for diverse professional environments, regardless of their industry or location. Amanda discussed how the program prepared her to work with global teams more confidently, thanks to courses focused on leadership and leading virtual teams.

“UFred was able to teach me how different cultures communicate and provide me with knowledge on how to work effectively with teams globally. This has become very relevant in my current role because it is highly cross-functional with teams in other regions of the world, like Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. I feel better equipped to handle challenging conversations and in a better position to understand diverse perspectives.”

In addition to the program’s applicability, a standout moment for Amanda was participating in the International Field Study in Amsterdam. This course is one of the capstone options for MBA and EMBA students, where students travel abroad to gain a more profound insight into the intricacies of conducting business in the global economy.

“Learning from top executives across Europe and applying real-world scenarios in our assignment really brought the entire program to a perfect close. This trip showed me how valuable the previous two years of the program had been and allowed everything I learned to really come together.”

Moving Forward: Goals and Advice to Future Students

Upon completing her MBA, Amanda moved into a new role, but her goals don’t stop there; she aims to lead a larger team and support them with her newfound skills and knowledge. Amanda is excited about implementing what she has learned and is confident that her education will play a pivotal role in achieving her professional aspirations.

For those considering embarking on the MBA journey, Amanda offers a piece of advice:

“To those who are considering the MBA program, I would highly recommend taking that next step and applying. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made, and it changed my perspective and how I approach new situations in the workplace. The program allowed me to secure a new role where I have more of an impact, as well as a pay bump in recognition of my furthered education.”