Alumna Julie Bensler advances in her career following a positive experience at the University of Fredericton

Julie Bensler began her academic career by completing a Bachelor of Arts with majors in History and Fine Arts, followed by a Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in Human Resource Management and Organizational Studies. After then obtaining the designation of Certified Human Resource Professional, she felt that a Master of Business Administration (MBA) was the natural next step to remain competitive in the current job market.

Choosing the right university

In the search to begin her MBA, Julie was looking for an online university that was both reputable and affordable. She considered multiple options but ultimately found that the University of Fredericton (UFred) checked all her boxes.

One of the deciding factors for Julie in the early stages of her selection process was that all her questions were answered promptly. At UFred, she felt supported from her first connection with the University:

“When I reached out to the institution, they quickly responded and were very helpful with all questions and concerns I had.”

The encouragement and student service didn’t cease at the application stage. For Julie, this became a hallmark of her educational experience.

“The high level of support remained constant throughout my time at UFred, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to study under those conditions.”

Highlights of the UFred experience

Julie entered the MBA program in a different position than many of her peers, as she had just completed her second undergraduate degree and had only recently begun her professional career. Despite being a newer professional, Julie felt welcomed by her fellow students. She found that where they could shed light on direct professional experience, she could lend her support toward academic components that were still fresh for her. The environment was collaborative and encouraging, allowing her to learn beyond her own perspective.

“I had started the program as a Coordinator and many of my classmates had exceeded me by many years and titles. It was daunting but encouraging. We all wanted to see each other succeed and would help each other as we could. School was still very fresh in my mind, which means, I was up to date on APA formats, writing styles, and online class systems. I was able to share my skills with others while listening to different perspectives and situations that I had never dealt with before.”

In discussing some of the highlights throughout the program, Julie brought up her Human Resource Leadership courses with Dr. Julius Demps II.

“Dr. Julius Demps II was the highlight of my education at UFred. He approached the class with such a strong level of positive energy that unconventionally lightened the mood and encouraged others to do the same. He would go on rants that were filled with grounded insight and motivation when I didn’t realize I needed it most.”

Goals and advice to future students

Upon enrolling at UFred, Julie had set a goal to advance in her career and become a Human Resource Manager. With her MBA now completed, Julie has achieved her goal, citing her education as a driving factor:

“Advancing my career has been made a reality because I achieved my master’s, and it’s a great feeling. My future goals consist of gaining much more experience, potentially working toward a director level position, and/or teaching later in life.”

A significant portion of the Master of Business Administration program consists of group work. Julie’s advice to future students involves making the most of this experience. During her program, Julie noticed that everyone approached group assignments with understanding, flexibility, and a willingness to accommodate. Given the ongoing cooperation of group members, she recognized the importance of being prepared for group communication and collaboration.

“Be prepared for a lot of group work and download all the right apps to ensure you stay connected.”