UFred alumnus Keith Connell accepted to a Ph.D. program in Educational Policy and Leadership

The University of Fredericton (UFred) would like to congratulate EMBA alumnus Keith Connell for his recent acceptance to the University of Windsor to complete his Ph.D. in Education Policy and Leadership.

Keith, who recently discussed with UFred his passion for learning and desire to further his education, noted his father had been his initial driver to continue to pursue his EMBA.

This time around, when asked why he chose to pursue this particular program, he had the following to say:

“My experience at UFred helped me look at issues pragmatically. Throughout my experience as an adult learner, I witnessed the Canadian educational system beginning to break. The system resembles a conveyor belt where students simply passed from one grade to the next without recognizing individual strengths. If a kindergarten student has advanced STEM skills (grade two, for example) but is not as strong in social skills, typically, that student would struggle in their new promoted grade. Considering the new international demographic of our educational system, we are struggling to ensure the material is delivered fairly and equally for all.

UFred helped me better understand the issues, and I want to make a better system for tomorrow.”

Keith shared that he is looking forward to using what he learns in his Ph.D. program to create change both in and out of his classroom. He believes furthering his education will continue to reinforce his belief that “creating an inclusive culture for all students helps decrease academic misconduct while supporting the needs of all individual students rather than the sum of the students”.

Congratulations Keith on being accepted to the Ph.D. program and good luck as you continue with the next step of your academic journey!