Alumnus Jonathan Bennett uses applied knowledge gained in MBA for career advancement

Jonathan Bennett knew that an MBA was what he needed to expand his business knowledge and create opportunities for advancement at his company. The catch was that to pursue further education, he would need an online program to accommodate his full-time career. In discussing this dilemma with colleagues, Jonathan found that one of his colleagues was a recent graduate from UFred’s MBA program and spoke highly of his experience. That conversation was the catalyst for his interest, and eventual admittance and completion, of the UFred MBA program.

Career progression

Upon completing the program, Jonathan met one of the goals he had set for himself: he received a promotion within his company. He now holds the position of Business Development Officer with the College of the North Atlantic.

“The program has been very beneficial to my professional situation, almost instantly! Upon completing the program, I have interviewed and obtained a new position in my organization which involves work within the field of business. The work completed in the MBA program gave me the knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue roles like this and I’m so grateful for where this program has taken me!”

Jonathan is now working towards new goals surrounding professional and academic growth.

Benefits and highlights of receiving an MBA

In his new role, Jonathan has been able to apply much of what he learned in his courses. His studies involved a lot of research into business and operations, and his final integration project even reviewed his own company. This provided him further insight into the daily operations of his employer and has helped him with his current work in business development.

While looking back on his time in the program, Jonathan pinpointed the group projects as the highlight of his experience—a component that concerns many prospective students.

“Getting to meet and work with so many different people from diverse backgrounds was awesome. Everyone brought something different to the table and we were all able to learn from each other which made the projects so much more insightful.”

Advice to future students

Jonathan’s advice to future students revolves around how to succeed in the MBA program:

“The advice I would give to those who are considering pursing the MBA is to maintain your focus, stay positive, and do the work! The course work in the program can get heavy but, it can be done. You are not in this alone, the professors are great, and your fellow classmates will be great! Use your resources and take part. The result is extremely rewarding!”