MBA Alum Bob Hallett’s MBA Journey and Appointment to the Board of Regents at Memorial University

Bob Hallett’s professional role as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Producer at Terra Bruce Productions is impressive. In his role, he manages a theatre company with multiple musicals in various stages of production and oversees theaters in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and one that is under construction in Toronto, with more than 100 employees under his supervision. In addition to this, Bob has several real estate projects and works in independent music management.

When considering the future of his career, Bob recognized that his extensive skills and experience could be supplemented with business education that could help him to reach his full potential in the corporate world. He decided to pursue an MBA to fill in any gaps in his business knowledge and enhance his career prospects.

Choosing UFred and the MBA experience

Bob chose the University of Fredericton for his MBA program due to its unique and flexible structure. His work requires a significant amount of travel, but UFred’s program allowed him to attend classes from anywhere in the world, including airport lounges and hotel lobbies. Throughout his program, Bob learned that his fellow students were completing their programs in similar environments, leading him to feel he was part of a supportive community.

In discussing some of the highlights of his MBA journey, Bob emphasized how his education boosted his business acumen and provided him with practical leadership skills. Managing relationships in his business requires a delicate balance, and his MBA provided him with the tools and knowledge to navigate these complexities.

“Attaining an MBA was a confidence boost and a credibility boost, both of which have been invaluable in my current leadership role, where I have to manage relationships between a complex set of investors and an even more complex group of artists and creators.”

Appointment to the Board of Regents for Memorial University

In addition to achieving his MBA, Bob was recently appointed to the Board of Regents at Memorial University. The Board of Regents are entrusted with overseeing the management, administration, and control of property, revenue, and business for the university. In conjunction with Memorial University’s Senate, they are responsible for making decisions in the best interest of the institution.

“Becoming a Memorial University Regent presents many challenges – Memorial is going through a period of great change, and the Regents are responsible for decisions that will affect students at the institution for a generation. Memorial is the only university in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, one of the biggest in Atlantic Canada, and as such it carries a lot of political and cultural weight. I accepted this challenge with a great sense of anticipation, but also responsibility.”

A heartfelt congratulations to Bob on this new appointment. Read more about Bob’s appointment to the Board of Regents at Memorial University here.