MBA alum Laura Fleming develops profound peer connections that contribute to her success in the program

For Laura Fleming, the decision to pursue further education through the MBA program stemmed from her desire to remain competitive in a dynamic job market while expanding her skill set.

With a demanding full-time job and the responsibilities of single parenthood, embarking on this journey was no small feat. However, UFred’s flexible program structure, coupled with a recommendation from a colleague, made it the ideal choice for her.

Highlights of the UFred Experience and Program Applicability

The UFred MBA program proved to be a transformative experience for Laura, mainly through its emphasis on networking and collaboration. Building connections with fellow students and faculty enriched her learning journey, offering diverse perspectives and invaluable insights into various industries and organizational dynamics.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of Laura’s UFred experience lies in the relationships forged and the professional networks cultivated. Laura said, “The connections I developed through the program have been amazing and will remain indefinitely.” These enduring connections are a testament to the program’s capacity to offer networking opportunities despite being entirely online.

Laura’s UFred education enhanced her professional insight and positioned her as a competitive asset in higher education. The program’s emphasis on strategic thinking, leadership development, and adaptive problem-solving equipped her with the tools to thrive in her role and beyond.

Moving Forward: Goals and Advice to Future Students

Looking forward, Laura plans to leverage her UFred education to propel her career to new heights. Aspiring to become an Associate Director in Human Resources, she recognizes the significance of her educational credential.

“Having an MBA in an academic environment will help with my goals. Employers see education as not only subject matter experts but also as someone who shows dedication, endurance, and great work ethic, which I believe are characteristics not only in a successful employee, but more specifically in a successful leader.”

For those considering embarking on the MBA journey, Laura offers a piece of advice:

“Be sure you have the time, organizational skills, perseverance, and flexibility to take on this program as it is a time commitment. It is helpful to network and continue with those friends as that is what helped me get through many classes and the program itself. Feeling you are in the trenches with others helps everyone succeed.”