An online MBA with real-world impact: alumna Jana El Sarraj shares how the program helped her expand her network and develop skills in real-time

While some students in the Sandermoen School of Business begin their Master of Business Administration (MBA) with the goal of growing professionally, Jana El Sarraj did so while also considering the added benefit of personal growth.

Jana chose to pursue her MBA for self-improvement and to advance her career. Like many prospective students, she was looking for a program that allowed her to accomplish these goals while balancing her other obligations, something that she quickly noticed was possible at UFred.

“The University of Fredericton’s MBA program removed logistical barriers with its fully remote platform. As a result, I reached my professional goal in record time with a 3.9 GPA”.

Power Behind the Program

Throughout her MBA program, Jana was able to use her newfound knowledge to improve the ways she works with those around her.

With the program’s strong focus on collaboration and networking, she found that knowledge sharing across industries enabled her to see how different perspectives are crucial to innovation and value creation. Jana appreciated that the online format encouraged students from all different backgrounds to come together and share their diverse perspectives, creating a richer learning environment.

“The online experience allowed for an opportunity to work with professionals across Canada. This was quite enriching and, in my opinion, would not be possible in an in-person program.”

Jana also found that the courses prepared her for real-life scenarios, which allowed her to immediately apply her learnings within the workplace.

When it comes to the lessons she learned, Jana said:

“The MBA program had a strong focus on solving real-life business problems by creating value for the stakeholders. This strong emphasis enables graduates to support their organizations by creating customer-focused strategies and building a competitive advantage in the market.”

Jana feels she is now better prepared to take a step back and understand her client’s needs through the more consultative approach that she honed throughout her MBA program, which will help her provide the most value possible to her clients.

Advice to Future Students

When asked what advice Jana had for future students looking to pursue their MBA, she said she wanted them to remember that while furthering your education can seem unimaginable with everything you have going on, it is possible. From her perspective, she believes it’s truly just a matter of getting started: “Once you take the first step, you will already be closer to achieving your goal.”

The majority of the students she met in the MBA program were also working professionals, which formed a built-in support system during her time at UFred. This helped her to achieve her goals, and now, with her MBA behind her, she’s proud of the accomplishment and ready for what’s next.