MBA student Rebecca Sampson recognized by Success Pitchers as one of the 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders to Follow in 2022

The University of Fredericton congratulates MBA student Rebecca Sampson for being recognized as one of the 10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders to Follow in 2022 by Success Pitchers.

Rebecca was recognized in part for her work in marketing, a field she has been in for the last 18 years. She began her marketing career working in financial services and later moved her focus to healthcare, where she has supported Canada’s blood system, the national diagnostic laboratory, and now works for Teladoc Health. This field change has allowed her to help change the lives of Canadians, helping them receive the care they need.

Rebecca believes Success Pitchers approached her for this recognition because of the leader she strives to be. Although some business professionals believe success is represented in their titles, Rebecca tells Success Pitchers that “she relies on self-awareness and a willingness to accept, acknowledge, and learn from mistakes”

"I talk openly with my team and create space for 360-degree feedback. When we open ourselves up to these conversations, we build better products, and stronger teams.’"

As a leader, Rebecca believes that by supporting employees’ passions both in and out of the workplace, “we inspire people to not only bring their best selves to work, but we encourage them to be their entire authentic self.”

When asked how it feels to have been named one of the 10 most inspiring women leaders to follow in 2022, she said “I’ve felt a range of emotions, from gratitude for the learning and encouragement I’ve received over the last 18 years of my career, to a humbling sense of appreciation for the work that still needs to be done in the workplace for people of all pronouns, and the role I can play to enable change. I don’t know it all. I continue to listen and learn, sharing my experiences and advocating for the future of work for the next generation.”

Rebecca is currently a student in the MBA program at the University of Fredericton. Her choice to pursue her MBA was driven primarily by her passion for lifelong learning, but she chose to study with UFred as it provided her with the ability to take specialty courses in Innovation Leadership. She has long held an interest in the impact of innovation on the business environment and as she became more aware of the concept and its prevalence and relevancy, she quickly noticed how important it was within her organizations. Pursuing the Innovation Leadership specialty stream will allow her to equip herself with the necessary knowledge to support future growth in her roles and for her company.

“The opportunity to specialize in Innovation started as a fascination for an area of the business in which I was definitely not an expert, and it’s grown to include a more concrete understanding of the role I play in supporting innovation across my organization and bringing more depth to the discussion.”

Congratulations, Rebecca! You can read more about Rebecca’s recognition here.