Dr. Rocky J. Dwyer receives multiple 2023 Emerald Literati Awards – Outstanding Reviewer Award

The University of Fredericton would like to congratulate Dr. Rocky J. Dwyer, a faculty member at the Sandermoen School of Business, for being a dual recipient of the Emerald Literati – Outstanding Reviewer Award. Dr. Dwyer received two awards simultaneously for his work with the Management Research Review and the International Journal of Health Governance journals.

The Emerald Literati Awards began 30 years ago. Awards are presented annually to individuals who contribute to an existing body of knowledge through their publications or by reviewing new pieces of literature. Winners are chosen for three awards from Emerald Publishing: Outstanding Paper Awards, Outstanding Reviewer Awards, and Outstanding Author Contribution Awards.

Peer reviewers play a crucial role in the scholarly publishing process. Academics depend on these assessments to validate their research and enhance its quality through constructive critique before publishing. Being selected for the Outstanding Reviewer Awards, as Dr. Dwyer was, requires individuals to provide quality, detailed reviews promptly, ensuring the process is completed quickly and providing the authors with adequate feedback on their articles.

Dr. Dwyer shared what it meant to him to be recognized for his work.

“Receiving recognition from Management Research Review, and the International Journal of Health Governance at the same time, was an unexpected surprise – at a deeper level, it confirms the research knowledge and scholarly excellence I have accumulated throughout my academic career enables me to have a positive influence on supporting authors within the peer reviewed publication community to create articles that are a testament to their knowledge, and research expertise, while enable them to demonstrate the significance of their research to a broader audience. I’m thrilled my insights and reflections have utility to others.”

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