Sandermoen School of Business students complete first-ever International Field Study program

For many companies, globalization and new market entry is crucial to propelling growth. Students at the Sandermoen School of Business recently had the opportunity to deepen their experience and skills in international business first-hand through the school’s inaugural International Field Study (IFS) program.

The IFS, part of the Global Capstone Project, was held in Amsterdam in partnership with Wittenborg University. The program was designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of doing business in a global market, and how to apply the concepts and theories learned in real-world business scenarios.

The ability to bring students from Canada abroad, and have them share knowledge was a tremendous experience” said Sheri McKillop, Associate Dean at the Sandermoen School of Business, “the diversity of cultures and professional backgrounds reflected that of the modern global business environment, and will ideally enhance the contributions students can make in their workplaces.

While participating in the program, students had the opportunity to take in sessions held by academics from Wittenborg University, Erasmus University, and from the Sandermoen School of Business. Sessions were also hosted by business leaders from across Europe. Speakers from Invest in Holland, GS1, Leaders for Economic Change and the Port of Rotterdam all contributed to the intensive learning experience.

As the programs at Sandermoen are fully-online, the students in attendance hailed from coast to coast across Canada and spanned a range of professional backgrounds that represented more than ten industries.

The program’s focus on economic growth was fitting given the recent growth experienced by the Sandermoen School of Business itself. Enrolment recently exceeded 750 students, and more than 100 new students are scheduled to start programs beginning in September.

The University of Fredericton (UFred) has reacted to the rapid growth across its schools with corresponding expansions in internal staff. In the past year alone, UFred has hired 13 employees, bringing the Fredericton office staff numbers to 30, with plans to reach more than 80 employees in its Fredericton office by the end of 2019.

“Our students are spread across the country, but the recent growth we’ve experienced is also impacting our local community here in Fredericton” said Peter Mersereau, Director of Operations for the University of Fredericton, “we’re very proud to be headquartered here in New Brunswick and look forward to providing more jobs across a range of skillsets for those who want to build their careers here at home.”