University of Fredericton students participated in the 8th Annual MBA Diversity & Inclusion Case Challenge hosted by the Telfer School of Management

The Annual MBA Diversity & Inclusion Case Challenge is a beacon of innovation and collaboration that enables MBA students to address societal issues through strategic problem-solving. The 8th annual challenge focused on Empowering Indigenous Peoples in Canada to Grow Opportunities in the Agri-Food Sectors. This challenge brought together brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds to explore sustainable solutions.

In March of 2024, four UFred students traveled to Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, to participate in the 8th Annual MBA Diversity & Inclusion Case Challenge, and here’s what they had to say about the experience.

Anna Bagus

"When I received the invitation from UFred for applicants for their first-ever team for a competition, I was immediately intrigued by the theme of "Empowering Indigenous Peoples in Canada in the Agri-Food Sectors." As a controller in the manufacturing sector and an entrepreneur in healthcare, the subject matter was admittedly out of my comfort zone. However, as an immigrant woman of colour, I've always felt a personal responsibility to advocate for social issues. This competition presented a unique opportunity to merge my business acumen with my passion for social justice. Despite feeling somewhat out of my depth, I decided to seize the chance, and it turned out to be a great learning experience."

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Ashveen Soochit

"Attending the Telfer MBA Diversity & Inclusion 8th Annual Case Challenge was an enriching and transformative experience for me on multiple fronts. One of the standout aspects was the incredible sense of teamwork that permeated throughout the event. Collaborating with fellow MBA students, and mentors like Joe Moss coming from diverse backgrounds was both rewarding and enlightening. Together, we navigated through the complexities of the case, brainstorming innovative solutions, delegating tasks effectively, and crafting a cohesive presentation that reflected our collective insights and perspectives. This collaborative environment not only honed my teamwork and interpersonal skills but also reinforced the value of diversity in fostering creativity and problem-solving."

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Kassandra Price

"Participating in the Telfer School of Business 8th Annual Diversity and Inclusion MBA Case Challenge has been the highlight of my MBA education at UFred thus far. It was enriching to showcase the strength of a purely online school, being able to transfer our skills to an in-person competitive setting seamlessly.

I had the pleasure of working alongside three diverse, motivated, skilled, and delightful students from UFred. We all shared the team goal of representing the school with pride as well as all having a passion for the topic of DE&I. I chose to participate because, personally and professionally, I have seen the importance of equal share of voice and diversity of thought. Being present at the table does not mean that equity-deserving communities’ ideas are valued and respected, and I have seen firsthand how bias and microaggressions result in fewer opportunities. As future business leaders, we must engage all stakeholders with empathy and a growth mindset. DE&I initiatives broaden our perspectives, are empowering and inspire innovation."

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Jason Baan

"A few months back I received an email from UFred requesting interested parties to apply for participation in a DEI challenge for MBA students and hosted by Telfer School of Management. The topic of Indigenous Peoples of Canada and Opportunities in the Agri-food sector instantly drew my interest. I knew that if I could create the bandwidth, I would learn so much about Indigenous People and couple that to my love of agriculture. My background in primary production as a dairy farmer and my experience as an agriculture consultant in Mongolia would perhaps be useful on the team. I was hopeful that what I had learned in a cross-cultural setting in Mongolia would be a useful piece in representing UFred at the challenge."

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